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Looking forward to several shows to start up this fall season.  ;)  There is even a new one I'm looking forward to see start as well.

October 11th is the start date for The Walking Dead season 6.  I started watching this at the start of season 4.  I saw it on Netflix and decided to watch the first episode and was hooked.  My daughter is also a big fan and pretty much the only show she is hooked on.  So definitely we both will be looking forward to this to begin.

[Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer]

October 1st is start date for Bones season 11th.  Not sure when I started to watch this show but it has been several years.  I know not from the beginning however.  I really liked David Boreanaz.  It was because of him that I discovered other shows that he was in in his earlier career like Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I started watching Angel and then after watched Buffy both of which were on Netflix.  Soon became a huge fan of both but but the time I watched them they were long since cancelled.  As for Bones, I thought their 10th season was going to be their last but guess they are coming back for another round.  (Sorry do not have a trailer to share for that one.)

October 1st also on this day is the start date for Sleepy Hollow season 3.  I watched this show from the beginning.  It's nothing really like what you think of Sleepy Hollow story that I grew up learning.  I think of the name and I think of that old Disney cartoon from long ago.  It is another supernatural religious tv series that I enjoy.  I really enjoy the relationship between the two main characters. (Sorry do not have a trailer to share for that one.) So if you are interested in supernatural tv shows I encourage you to a least watch one episode.

October 7th is the start date for Supernatural season 11.  I became a huge fan of this show and I didn't start watching it until after the end of season 9.  I was aware of the show and had seen commercials for it when watch Smallville long ago but because it dealt with demons, ghosts and etc I would not watch it.  I think I watched one commercial it kinda freaked me out so I avoided it.  Then at one point between season 9 and 10 I started finding DVD sets real cheap at places like the pawn shop and started buying them.  One day I started watching the show and I was hooked and boy was I hooked.  lol  I am super excited they decided to do another season.

[Supernatural Season 11]

January 24th is the start date for The X-files!!  It will only be 6 episodes long but I'm so excited!  I am a huge fan.  Like several others I didn't start watching it until later in the season.  For this show I started watching it during it's 4th season.  I was very excited to hear that they are renewing the show at least for this coming year.


August 23rd is the premiere show of Fear the Walking Dead season 1.  So far this the main new show I am really looking forward on seeing.  I'm sure my daughter will be right beside me watching it.  :)

[Fear the Walking Dead trailer]

Of course there are other shows on that will be starting up in September and October but these are the shows that I watch that I'm looking forward to.  :)  


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Jul. 13th, 2015 01:59 am (UTC)
Glad you have TV to which you can look forward!

Jul. 13th, 2015 02:07 am (UTC)
Yea, I don't watch a lot...well, at least, I didn't but seems like this year there is quite a few on. :) For those who watch the above shows I thought I'd share the start dates. :)
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