kuwlshadow (kuwlshadow) wrote,

The Dark Tower

One of my all time favorite novels is the Dark Towers series written by Stephen King.  I have read the series at least 4 times.  I knew they planned on turning the novels into movies and Ron Howard was involved in this plan.  I heard at that time that he had plans of series of movies and even a tv series.  It seemed like it was at a standstill and wasn't going to happen.  i hadn't realized that they did produce the movie, The Dark Tower, until recently.  So today my husband and I went to see it.  We laughed saying lets see how badly they screwed it up as often happens for Stephen King novels adapted to screenplays.  First, I want to say as a stand alone movie it was pretty decent.  It was entertaining.  When you compare it to the novel, all I have to say "Did they even read the novel??"  OMG!  Really?!?   lol

Sorry not gonna review the movie in great detail but that's basically close to my words walking out of the theater.  ha!
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