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Fated to Pretend - DCJ Big Bang 2017

Title: Fated to Pretend
Author: Senna Frost
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernatural, Passenger Fusion
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel/Jimmy Novak
Summary: Over three hundred years into the future, Earth has reached critical mass, unable to sustain life, due to overpopulation and over-mining of resources. With the combined efforts of governments and scientists, a plan was developed to relocate and start life anew; ships and crews were sent out, planets recruited for their life-sustaining qualities and colonies established. Many clamored to be chosen to help colonize these recently terra-formed planets, and only the best were accepted.
Alpha Dean Winchester, chosen for his pure alpha status and useful skill set as an engineer and biochemist, is aboard one such starship, en route to New Hope IV, a planet very much similar to Earth, 120 lightyears away, one where he wishes to put his skills to good use and settle down with a mate in a house he has built with his very own hands.Except, due to unforeseen circumstances, Dean is awoken 90 years too early. Unable to return to stasis in his hibernation pod, he realizes that he will spend the rest of his life alone and will most likely be dead before the ship ever reaches her destination
.Faced with the most difficult decision of his life, he must choose between the possibility of finding love and assuaging his crippling loneliness, though at a cost that may be too high for him to pay, or the certainty of living the remainder of his life in isolation, only to die alone.

Challenge: DCJ Big Bang

Notes: Senna Frost wrote this awesome Supernatural/Passenger fusion story.  I really enjoyed the parts I read.  She is hoping to be able to post her story soon and once she does, I will provide the link, but may be awhile due to technical difficulties.  .  Also the Passenger ship image was a still from the movie, Passengers, and I did not design it or claim it.

Tags: dcjbigbang
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