kuwlshadow (kuwlshadow) wrote,

Movie meme

Stole from badfalcon ;)

A Movie I Love: Arrival
An Action Movie I Love: Gladiator
A Drama I Love: Dragonfly
A Western I Love: Silverado
A Horror Movie I Love: The Shining
A Comedy I Love: Shaun of the Dead
A Romance Movie I Love: The Age of Adeline
A Noir I Love: The Usual Suspects
A Disney Movie I Love: Maleficent
A Sci Fi Movie I Love: Avatar
An Animated Movie I Love: Despicable Me
A Superhero Movie I Love: Dr. Strange
A War Movie I Love: Hacksaw Ridge
An Exploitation Movie I Love: Prophecy
A Muscial I Love: Les Miserables
An Historical Movie I Love: The Imitation Games
A Bad Movie I Love: The Visit
A Childhood Favorite: Pete's Dragon
A Shakespeare Movie I Love: Romeo & Juliet
A Franchise I Love: Star Wars
A Trilogy I Love: Lord of the Rings
A Guilty Pleasure that I Love: Chocolat
A Movie Recently Seen: Beauty & the Beast
My Favorite of this Year: Passengers
A Favorite of All Time: Jurassic Park
Tags: meme
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