kuwlshadow (kuwlshadow) wrote,

SPN 30 Day Challenge Day 4

Day 4: Favorite male character (not Sam or Dean)

It's after midnight so guess I can do day 4 especially since the party teen girls are still partying pretty hard.  lol  Still lots of giggles heard.

I think most could probably guess my favorite male character that isn't Dean or Sam would be Castiel.  I fell in love with Castiel's character since seeing him in the first episode of season 4.  I understand some fans are tired of him but I for one hope he continues to be on the show.  He's family to the brothers and been through a lot with them. I at times am not happy with the choices that he makes.  Though in the fandom world, I pair him with Dean, but in canon world I am happy for him being just friends and family to Dean and Sam.  He is there to help and support the boys.  He tries hard to do the right thing.  So I personally hope he continues to be a regular in future seasons as he is now.

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