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How to Pick a Pack - Supernatural ABO Big Bang 2016

Title: How to Pick a Pack
Author: Areiton
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Castiel / Dean Winchester, Gabriel / Sam Winchester
Summary: Dean Winchester’s brother is acting off. Twitchy and almost shy. Needy in a way the kid hasn’t been since he was a damn teenager. And it’s setting off every single alpha overprotective instinct Dean has.
Castiel can't get the scent of Sam Winchester out of his head. He smells-almost-like mate. But Sam is ignoring him, and Cas can't figure out why, so he starts following him, quietly courting the alpha.
Sam has no idea why he’s being stalked, why his stalker is so damn nice and why his boss won’t look at him. Sure, Gabriel Novak is miles out of his league, but it doesn’t keep him from pining, just a little.
Gabriel wants a lot of things in life, and isn’t used to denying himself. But Sam? Sam is one thing he’s spent years denying. The kid is gorgeous and sassy and everything Gabe wants and there’s no fucking way he’s going to screw up his life.
The thing is that you can pick your pack, and you can plan for shit, but sometimes life happens, and for these four? It just did.
Supernatural ABO Big Bang

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