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Project Updates

Project Update

All the stories I claimed and picked up as pitch artist for the wincestbigbang are complete and ready to be posted.  I know the next step for this bang is art draft turn in and hopefully soon after we will receive our posting dates, which begin sometime in November.

Both stories I claimed for the Samifer Big Bang are also ready to be posted.  All I have left to do on these illustrations is to add the title (unknown at this time) and author/artist names.  Once I know the titles it will be an easy and quick edit.  My posting dates for these are October 11th and 21st.

The illustration for the spn_cinema is complete and at this time not sure if I'll do anymore to add to it.  Looks like I'll be flying solo on this project.  I know there is a writer that also claimed the movie and it would be amazing if they end up being similar.

Two of the four stories are complete for the deancasbigbang, which both have posting dates in October.  My posting dates for October are17th and 21st.  I was able to get an extention on the art draft dates on the two that will be posted in November.  I am thankful for the mod of this group for allowing this extention.  I do NOT want to abandon a story that I claim.

The story I claimed for the spnhorrorbang is complete and ready to be posted, which will be Oct 4th.  There is also another artist doing art for this story so it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

I claimed a story for the Kevin Big Bang along with another artist.  I have yet to start on this story and have until mid-October to get a draft done.

The artwork I did for the j2_reversebang is complete and has been claimed by a writer.  So now it's a waiting game for this one.

I did claim a story for the angel_bigbang however I never heard from the writer yet and it has been over a week.  So not sure what's going on here but at this point I'm not gonna worry.  I have plenty to do as it is. However if you are the writer of this story please pm me.

I just recently claimed two stories for the Team Free Love Big Bang.  I have yet to start on these stories but the stories sound really awesome and can't wait to start working on them.

And lastly, I received my assignment for the spn_j2_xmas, which will be my first time participating in this challenge.  I am looking forward on creating some awesome artwork for my person.

Ok, that was not the last thing...just remembered I also need to create something for the spn_reversebang.  I really had fun last year and looking forward to it again.

I know it sounds pretty massive  list of things to do but a lot of what is listed above is finished.  Thank goodness!!!

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