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You Found Me - Dean Cas Tropefest 2016

Title: You Found Me
Author: Through-Shadows-Falling
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Summary: Dean is a Witch without a Familiar because, unlike everyone else, he’s never experienced the Call that brings Witches and Familiars together. But that’s fine, really. He doesn’t mind not being able to use his magic, and he definitely isn’t jealous of other Bonded pairs. Nope, not him. Which makes it all the more incredible when an Unbonded Familiar—a crow named Cas—smashes down on his windshield with a broken wing. Dean’s mother is able to heal Cas’s wing, but they’ve got a bigger problem: Cas’s Grace has been stolen, which prevented him from ever initiating a Call. He believes Dean is his Witch, so they embark on a journey to get his Grace back with the hopes that they can officially Bond as a true Witch/Familiar pair.

Artist Notes: I participated in the Dean Cas Tropefest on Tumblr where I claimed two stories.  There were a lot of amazing stories to claim and I feel I claimed two awesome stories from what was available.  :D  I claimed this one because I claimed a somewhat similar story in the Dean Benny Big Bang where Dean is a witch and he finds a familiar. Only in this story it's Cas and not Benny.  So it was cool to do another one and the stories are quite different from each other as well.  So thanks to through-shadows-falling for writing an awesome story and to the mods of the bang for this wonder opportunity.

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Tags: deancastropefest, supernatural
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