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Originally posted by red_b_rackham at 6 FICS LEFT FOR ART CLAIMING!!

GUYS WE HAVE 6 GLORIOUS FICS LEFT!! CLAIM, CLAIM, CLAIM! Spread the word! Let's get these fics claimed! For the remaining 6 fics, claim on THIS POST, below.

To claim a story you want to do art for, please drop a comment below with:

Story Number: #
Email Address:

Remember: first come, first serve!! For further info, check this post.

The following are all listed alphabetically by first fandom (i.e. in an Supernatural/Avengers crossover, it will only be listed under Supernatural). For organization sake, numbers will stay the same from the first post.



Story Name: Undecided

Fandom: Beauty Sleep (by Cameron Dokey)

Pairing: Jessica/Oswald

Summary: When Oswald is a small child his parents die, leaving him all alone in a cruel world. His uncle, the king, sends for him to live at his castle, taking him away from all he knows. He ends up at a court where magic is an everyday thing and people don’t pay any attention to him. It would have been the worst thing in the world, and in many ways it is, but if he hadn’t moved to the castle he never would have met Jessica. Jessica is the gardener’s daughter but that hardly matters. She is also the only person that truly sees him, loves him for who he is and listens to what he says. Eventually their friendship turns into a beautiful love story.

A love story they will talk about in centuries to come. (Aurore knows this, because she’s heard it a hundred years into the future.)


Story Name: But the Horror of the Shade

Fandom: Being Human

Pairing: Nina Pickering/George Sands, Annie Sawyer/John Mitchell

Summary: Sequel to my story Among the Deepening Shades, this is a follow up to further explore George and Nina's child Eve.  Eve is the child of two werewolves, destined to become the War Child, foe to the Old Ones, but no one seems to be quite sure exactly what that means or what the vampires will do to prevent it.


Story Name: what you hear is honey take my coat

Fandom: Dawson’s Creek

Pairing: Pacey/Joey, Jen/Audrey, Jen/Dawson

Summary: AU of the end of s4, Pacey is diagnosed with depression, he and Joey stay together while she goes to college and he starts cooking in Boston. They break up, get back together, stay together.


Story Name: Caught Between the Gutter and the Stars

Fandom: DCU

Pairing: Kimiyo Hoshi/Arthur Light

Summary: EARTH-14. Arthur and Kimiyo are still dealing with the supervillains' exile to the planet Salvation; Arthur's PTSD goes undiagnosed/untreated which ultimately brings about the end of their relationship despite their feelings for each other. Prison, therapy, and time help them both to heal and give their love a much-needed second wind.


Story Name: The Rescue Job

Fandom: Leverage

Pairing: Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford, Parker/Alec Hardison, Maggie Collins/James Sterling

Summary: Ian Blackpoole had abducted Parker, Eliot and Hardison. With Sterling’s help, Nate and Sophie must find a way to rescue them before it’s too late.


Story Name: When Morning Comes

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Allison Argent/Derek Hale (background pairing of Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski. A lot of mention of past Kate Argent/Derek Hale).

Summary: Derek comes back to Beacon Hills after his marriage to Kate falls apart. Allison, Kate's niece, owns the tattoo shop next to his family's florist shop. Their relationship is something that both of their families are tense about, and all of their secrets are about to come to light.




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