kuwlshadow (kuwlshadow) wrote,

Lives Flipped Upside Down - WIP Big Bang 2016

Title: Lives Flipped Upside Down
Author: afteriwake (scandalbaby)
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Sherlock/St. Tristian's
Pairings: Kelly Jones/Annabelle Fritton, Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper
Summary: Sherlock braves going back to St. Trinian’s to get Kelly’s help with a case. During the course of the case Sherlock finds a young girl to mentor, Kelly has to return to the life she gave up and Annabelle has to make a choice as to just how far she will go to keep her girls safe.

Artist notes: Here is a crossover story I picked up in the wipbigbang.  I am familiar with Sherlock but I had not heard of St. Tristian's before.  However despite that I was able to create an story banner illustration to represent her story.  I found it be a challenge, which is a good thing.  I was very glad to create artwork that she was happy with.  Thanks to afteriwake for a little guidence you gave me on what I should do for the characters from St. Tristian's as I found it helpful.  Thanks to the mod at wipbb for this wonderful opportunity and her hard work!

Story Banner Illustration

Credit: Background
Tags: sherlock, st tristians, wipbigbang
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