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Until It Sleeps - WIP Big Bang 2016

Title: Until It Sleeps
Author: dizzy_redhead
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean Winchester/OFC/Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester/Castiel, Dean Winchester/OFC/Sam Winchester/Castiel
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Referenced sexual abuse of minor, referenced torture, sort of Wincest
Summary: Sam's started having visions again.  No one thinks that's a good sign, especially when Metatron goes missing from Heaven's jail, and all signs point to Crowley being behind it.  When Clair and the tablets disappear from the bunker, Sam, Dean and Cas have to figure out how to get to her and stop Crowley's plans before he does something even Lucifer never managed to pull off.

Artist Notes: This is one of multiple stories I picked up in the wipbigbang. Our official posting date is July 19th on the community but we are allowed to post early starting today, July 1st.  I claimed up Dizzy_redhead's Supernatural story, Until It Sleeps, to illustrate.  I really enjoyed reading her story and she is a wonderful person to work with and an awesome writer.  Thank you to my writer for the enjoyable experience and thanks to the mod at WIPbigbang for this wonderful opportunity.

Story Banner

Credit: Background
Tags: wipbigbang
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