kuwlshadow (kuwlshadow) wrote,

Dean Vs. Dr. Teddy Bear - Asexual Supernatural Minibang 2016

Title: Dean Vs. Dr. Teddy Bear
Author: Pastann
Artist: kuwlshadow
Warning: Character Death
Summary: “And claws!” Castiel said. “What kind of sick, deranged person puts claws on teddy bears?! And Valentine’s Day teddy bears! I heard of the incident during which Dr. Teddy Bear created a biohazardous spill in Whatcom Creek.”

Artist Notes: I saw this challenge advertised on the bigbangindex looking for artists to illustrate stories for the acespnbang.  There were a lot of awesome summaries and it was so hard to choose.  Over the next few days I ended up claiming five stories as the only requirement was to illustrate a minimum of 1 piece of artwork.  Pastann's story, Dean Vs Dr. Teddy Bear was one of the stories that I claimed.  It is a fun story and really enjoyed reading it.  I really enjoyed working with her on this project.  I hope you take the time to read her story.  Thanks, Pastann, for writing this story for this challenge and thanks to the mods of the acespnbang for this wonderful opportunity!

Dean Vs. Dr. Teddy Bear Story Banner

Tags: acespnbang, destiel, supernatural
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