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Circling the Wagons - Friend meme

Please if you are interested yourself in this, please reply to the link within the message below.  Thanks.  :D

Originally posted by teragramm at Circling the Wagons
Yesterday kazzy_cee made a post about the "good old days" of LJ, when reading her flist took a lot longer than it does these days. 17 people answered her post, most of them agreed that... 1.) They miss the good old days too. 2.) Their active flist has dwindled 3.) They prefer LJ over other social media sites.

The funny thing is, I noticed that out of the 17 people who responded, only about half were on my flist. Many of these people I have "seen" around for years but somehow haven't had the opportunity to friend them. My thought is.... let's change that!

So here is my Circling the Wagons Friending meme.

If you answer this post with "I'm in", there are 5 rules.

RULE 1. If you answer this post you must friend everyone else who answers this post and they should friend you back. (I will post a complete list in a week or two, just so you don't miss anyone.)

RULE 2. Being/having been, a part of the Buffy/Angel fandom is suggested but not a deal breaker. (I have some awesome friends who have never been part of fandom.)

RULE 3. After you have "met" your new friends (and given them a fair chance.) If you feel you have nothing in common with them, you are free to unfriend them, with no hard feelings.

RULE 4. You must pimp this post in your LJ (with a link to the post.)

RULE 5. Sometime after you have made new friends, you must post an "all about me" post, as an introduction. In this post give as much or as little info as you are comfortable giving.

So fingers crossed we can make some new friends and expand our lj family.
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