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Supernatural Fandom Vent....warning so you can skip if you want to.

My daughter is a funny girl.  Today I knew Jared Padalecki was going to live streaming from Facebook today so I kept an eye out for it for my daughter who has a hard crush on the guy.  So he appears and she would not let I nor her grandparents speak while he was talking.  lol  I found it amusing.  As soon as it was done she says I still can't believe you like Dean more.  I keep having to explain that I like all the characters (some more than others).  I keep reminding her that I do like Sam a lot but we are allowed our favorites.  Silly girl.
[Vent - If you dare read]
I have discovered there has been a lot of negativity going on in regards to the Supernatural show on Tumblr.  It's quite sad and I'm going to choose to ignore it but first here is my opinion.  I do ship destiel but do I want it canon?  No, I love the show as is.  Fandom just allows me to imagine what it would be like if there was more or a different direction than what is reality for entertainment purposes.  As far as my view of reality of the show, I think Dean and Castiel are close but close as "best friend" close and that's how it should be.

As far as wincest, it's not really a ship I like though I will read the story if it has an interesting summary.  If there's explicit sex in it, I'll skip over it.  I will even do artwork for it as it just another area of the fandom.  I like both Sam and Dean.  As far as my view of reality, I do think Sam and Dean area extremely close though not romantically.  All their life they only had each other to depend on and in their line of work they can only depend and trust each other despite failing one another once and a great while, but all relationships are like that as we are human.

As far as the yana charity, I saw a lot of negativity in regards to that.  I understand what the meaning they (Misha and Jensen) were trying to express in the videos as no matter what you won't be alone.  I don't believe they intended to make it appear Misha was stalking Jensen.  I think they were trying to make it appear that no matter where you are, you are never alone and you can rely on someone.  Unfortunately there appeared to be a big outcry from some on Tumblr about it that the videos were in bad taste.  I can understand some of their feelings but a lot of it is just plain sad.  At the conventions I'm sure they come across a lot and are confronted with a lot of testimonies of fans speaking of their lives and feelings.  They see the need and are reaching out ot help.  This is awesome for them as well as Jared to do this.   Yes, I bought a tote from the yana and, I believe my daughter already plans on stealing it.  Brat.  And now the AKF is starting she has made demands she needs a shirt, which is all good as I'm willing to show my support.  I think the bickering needs to stop though.

Then regards to the real actors lives I sure hope their "real" romantic relationships are with their wives, which I'm guessing it is.  It's normal for people that work with each other especially for a long time to have close relationships and feel comfortable to goof around.  I do that with my own coworkers and say silly crap or hug one another or crack jokes.  I work with mainly women. Fortunately in my line of work I'm not displayed in front of the entire world.  I may have read J2 or cockles stories, but its only for entertainment purposes only and never would hope they were that way in real life.  It would just make me feel ick.  I have been down that road and cheated on my husband.  It was during a very dark and very depressed part of my life.  Yes, he knows and has long forgiven me and, i don't want anyone, famous or nonfamous, to go down that same road.  We are now good.  :D  And when I came to him and talked about it all, he said "I'd never divorce you.  Marriage is forever."  We will be married for 18 years this April.  :D

Oh my.  I didn't originally intend to vent but I just kept writing.  lol  Guess I'm just frustrated and saddened by what I read on Tumblr.  I haven't seen as much negativity here on LJ thankfully.   I believe a lot of fandoms have their fan wars as I believe BTVS had theirs as well.  I personally would like to keep what's "real" real and ships that aren't canon left to our own imaginations.  If one has a problem with a particilar type of ship between characters, it just best not to read the stories or look at it should it be artwork.  I will not dislike another fan just cause their ship is different from my own nor would I make them feel bad about it.

So if you actually read this...sorry.  I don't expect for you to agree with me that's what so awesome about opinions and being human.  If we were all the same, life would be so dull.   My vent is over.
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