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Echtraeimmram - Dean Castiel Big Bang 2015

Title: Echtraeimmram
Author: Stanzas Starbucksdean
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom:  Supernatural
Pairing:  Castiel/Dean Winchester, Jo/Anna
Rating:  M
Warnings: body horror, dark humor, canon typical violence
Summary: Something has risen from Dean’s nightmares and is following him into the waking world like a shadow. Old things, evil things, are crawling their way back into the modern world to prepare for the biggest Good vs. Evil blockbuster of the year. And then, in his dreams, a voice like something right out of a horror film that calls to him; Come and See.

Aritst Note:  This is my 5th and final story illustrated for the Dean Castiel Big Bang 2015.  I picked this story up as a pitch artist late in the game after Stanzas's artist dropped out.  I really enjoyed the horror side of her story and gave this artist many ideas for illustrations though due to time available to me I had to narrow down to those you will see below.  I encourage you to read her story because like all the DCBB authors she has put a lot of hours writing it.  It was a honor to create these illustrations to suppliment your story, Stanzas.  Once again thanks to the deancasbigbang for this opporutnity.  This is the final day for this challenge as well.  What a great year it was.  Until next year.

Art Masterpost other locations: Deviantart , Tumblr

Masterpost Banner Illustration


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[Story Illustrations - warning *spoilers* (click to open)]

Story Illustrations





Chapter Headers


Tags: castiel, dcbb, dcbb15, dean/castiel, destiel, fan fiction, fanart, stanzas, supernatural
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