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Zenith - Dean Castiel Big Bang 2015

Title: Zenith
Author: anactoria
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernatural
Paring:  Dean Winchester/Castiel
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings:  None
Summary: Still relatively new to humanity, Castiel struggles with both Dean's confusing behaviour and the loss of his angelic faculties. When a pissed-off witch restores his ability to see the supernatural, the curse seems like a blessing in disguise. He can help his friends again -- and when Dean's plans blow up in his face and Sam is left in an unconscious state, he's happy to be useful. But his abilities keep getting stronger, and they might just be more than a human brain can handle. AU from 9.06; Cas + supernatural Flowers For Algernon, basically.

Artist Notes:  This will be my 3rd story illustrated for the Dean Castiel Big Bang for 2015.  I picked up this story as a pitch artist after her artist dropped out.  I had a lot of fun with this one as I got to try to do something different.  Her story left a lot to the imagination and, I tried to bring that to life in these illustrations.  I think I was successful.  I encourage you to read Anactoria's story once the link is provided.  It was a honor to fill in as pitch artist and illustrate your story.  Once again thanks to the deancasbigbang for this opporunity.

Other Art Locations: Deviantart , Tumblr
Mainpost Banner Illustration


Click Below to see the rest of the Illustrations.
[Story Illustrations - warning *spoilers* (click to open)]

Story Illustrations





Chapter Banner
(Only displaying Ch.1 as the rest are the same)


Tags: anactoria, dcbb, dcbb15, dean/castiel, destiel, fan fiction, fanart, supernatural, supernatural castiel
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