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DCBB & RBB Projects

I continue to be a busy bee.  I have a few projects still on my plate to do.  :)  I am glad that I have finished two artisitic projects, Hope In Ruin written by Elizabeth1985ff and Can You Fix the Broken written by YourBeautysFading for the deancasbigbang community.  Also for the DCBB, I have three more projects yet to finish.  Two of them are ready to be posted when their dates arrive, November 16th and 19th, and currently reading and working on a third I just picked up.  This one will be posted November 27th.  This will definitely be the last story I'll pick up.  Guess I have a soft heart for authors loosing their artists.   It's been a pleasure to be working with these very talented authors.  It's been a lot of fun getting to know other people within the Supernatural fandom.  I'm glad I stepped out of the shadows to start participating.

Then recently on the SPN RBB community, I had submitted two illustrations and both have been chosen fortunately quickly.  Even though I knew they'd get chosen, I still was anxiety ridden.  ha!    I have since contacted them and they are currently brainstorming their ideas on what and how to write for each one.  I know one of them may be a challenge to do but I hope fun.  I can't wait to see what they come up with.  Now I just need to be patient but that will be somewhat easy to do since I have my own projects to continue to work on.  I think at this time they still have one more illustration that needs to be claimed.  So if you are an author and interested in writing, head over to spn_reversebang.  I don't think any of these stories & artwork get posted until January.

Lastly the last project I will probably participate in this year is the noel_of_spike community.  Not sure much about it other than it occurs in December.  I guess I better think of some ideas soon.  It's been a little bit since doing any artwork in the BTVS fandom.
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