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2015 Art Previews are Here!

Oh my, there are so many talented artists! It would be hard to choose a favorite. Good luck to the authors! As you can see below the art previews are up! Take a peak...be inspired! If you are interested in writing and haven't signed up yet, it isn't too late! Have fun! :)

Originally posted by spnreversemod at 2015 Art Previews are Here!
Today's the big day! All you eager authors out there get to peek (and be tempted by) some wonderful art! We've decided to do it a little different this year; we're test-driving using Flickr as our hosting site for the images. It's a wonderful viewing platform and allows for gorgeous expansion of the images. Let us know what you think.

NB in Flickr click on the image to read the information about the picture and find any links to gifs and vids.

If we've inadvertently forgotten anyone or you see a problem, shoot us a PM or email us at spnreversemod@gmail.com ASAP. (We're only human! I swear. No angels or demons here. Might be a shifter or two, though. Not sure.)

Remember, no reposting anywhere else without permission of the artist. A few of the images may not be safe for work, so view with care. Claims will commence Saturday, November 7, 10:00 am EST.

So, without further ado, the 2015 SPN RB art!

SPN Art | RPF Art | EITHER Art
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