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Fav Shows - Past and Current

I'm glad to see that Sleepy Hollow will be returning with a second season. I am finding this series quite enjoyable to watch. I just watched for the first time Almost Human (not to be confused to the one on Sci-Fi) on FOX. Due to my crazy work schedule I missed the first episode...not that it matters as I can catch up on the past episodes online thankfully. It seems promising but will have to watch a few episodes to see if I continue to do so. I personally try not to get involved in too many shows due to my overnight work schedule but I do have a few favs such as Bones and The Walking Dead (my daughter's fav).

I am definitely a crazy TV and movie fan of many. In my teens I'd watch Star Trek original and Star Trek The Next Generation like crazy to the point that drove my sister insane. When I was a senior in high school, I had a different Star Trek shirt for each day of the week. My sister, a freshman at the time, was horrified on the day I wore my Spoke t-shirt (basically black t-shirt with a large Spock head). Long story. lol She laughs about it now though and, I still have this shirt hanging in my closet (It's been about 21 years since I graduated.) My favorite characters were Kirk and Spock.

I continued to watch various shows until I was latched onto The X-files. I didn't start watching it until the 4th season but once I did I was hooked. (btw, I only owned 1 shirt from serious. ha!) I didn't like it was well once David (Mulder was my fav character) left the show for awhile but I still watched it faithfully. This show still remains one of my all time fav shows on TV.

Another show that I really enjoyed and it had a similar feel as The X-files was Fringe. I loved the crazy ol' guy. ha! (Didn't care much for this dude when he was in the Lord of the Rings though ) It only ran for 5 seasons but it had an interesting, crazy storyline. Another show I was sad to see end.

I started watching Bones. Was a latecomer for this show, as well. I think I started watching this in it's 4th season as well. I really love the characters and their interaction with one another. My fav character is Booth. It is now in it's 9th season and wonder how much longer they'll thrive and stay going. This year I found out that David Boreanez was in another past series, Angel. Thankfully Netflix had the series and I watched the whole series for the first time. I came to really love it. While watching it, I realized the show was spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So what did I do, watched that series after. I came to love that series as well. So I'm really latecomer to these two series. I have heard of the Buffy TV show but didn't watch it but I think it was due to seeing the movie when it first came out. I wasn't too impressed with that movie. My fav characters was at first just Angel but after watching the Buffy series, I added Spike and Giles to my fav list.

Other shows I enjoyed watching was House, CSI (original), Amazing Stories (my fav episodes Ghost Train, Mummy Daddy and The Mission), MacGyver, Touched by an Angel, Airwolf, Fantasy Island, The Otherworld, Numbers, Smallville, Earth 2, and a few others.

Not that any of this matters...just thought I just ramble a bit. ha! I think I'll give Supernatural a go now.
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