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Slowing check marking things off my list.  Yeah!  I recently submitted two illustrations to the SPN-reversebang.  Hopefully some author(s) sees them and is inspired to write something.  If not, I still had fun illustrating and designing them.  That's all that matter anyway.  I know signup for artists are closed but if you are an author, it is not too late.  :)

In the DCBB world, for one story I am finally done illustrationing for (other than touchups...if any).  The first story I'm illustrating for is due to be posted this Monday!!  I'm so excited. I am very happy with the illustrations I have done so far.  Now to finish my other three stories, which are due to be posted in November.

Now I'm looking into the sncross_bingbang as signups start Nov 1st.  Of course, I won't have anything to do with that until April 2016.  I am thankful for these big bangs as it has finally allowed me get back into creating illustrations/artwork again.  :)
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