kuwlshadow (kuwlshadow) wrote,

Updated my Completed Project List

Wow ....It is quite the list.  o.O  Competed Projects

Total amount of stories I created art for: 114
Total amount of stories that are Supernatural only: 102

Total illistrated gifts: 12

Total Reversebang Entries: 19

Total misc. Illustrations: 3

List of Challenges I participated in:

  • British Men of Letters Big Bang

  • Castiel Big Bang

  • Cockles Big Bang

  • Crowley Big Bang

  • Dean Benny Big Bang

  • Dean Castiel Big Bang

  • Dean/Castiel Secret Santa Exchange

  • Dean Castiel Summer Minibang

  • Dean Castiel Pinefest

  • Dean Castiel Tropefest

  • Dean Castiel Jimmy Big Bang

  • Dean Winchester Big Bang

  • Debriel Mini Bang

  • Destiel Halloween Minibang

  • Destiel Reversebang

  • Destiel Spring Minibang

  • Gabriel Big Bang

  • HET Big Bang

  • Jared Jensen Reversebang

  • Kevin Big Bang

  • Kings of Con Big Bang

  • Megstiel Big Bang

  • Quicky Bang

  • Rare Pairs Big Bang

  • Saileen Big Bang

  • Sam Winchester Big Bang

  • Samifer Big Bang

  • Sastiel Big Bang

  • Supernatural ABO Big Bang

  • Supernatural Asexual Minibang

  • Supernatural AU Big Bang

  • Supernatural Big Pretzel

  • Supernatural Canon Big Bang

  • Supernatural Casefic Big Bang

  • Supernatural Cinema

  • Supernatural Heatwave

  • Supernatural Horror Minibang

  • Supernatural Jared Jensen Big Bang

  • Supernatural Jared Jensen Christmas

  • Supernatural Mega Bang

  • Supernatural RPF

  • Supernatural Reversebang

  • Supernatural Spring Fling

  • Supernatural SummerGen

  • Team Free Love Big Bang

  • Team Free Will Big Bang

  • Wincest Big Bang

  • Wincest Reversebang

  • WIP Big Bang

I have a few more illustrations to add soon.  :)  
Tags: artwork, projects
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