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mjnolir’s judgement (are you worthy?) - Supernatural Canon Big Bag 2018

Title: Mjnolir's Judgement (are you worthy?)
Author: Pen-Light
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: The witch laughed again, this time it crackling with the thunder in the sky. “You really thought that you, a mortal, could wield the hammer of Thor? In all the years I’ve been, this is perhaps the most funny encounter ever.”

Sam’s arms were practically buckling. It didn’t make sense. The hammer wasn’t rejecting his hold, but it wasn’t accepting his call for help. It had urged such a move, but the attempt was a fail. It’s not like the weapon was pulling him to the ground either. Maybe he acted too fast. Or maybe Sam wasn’t strong enough.

alt. Team Free Will (2.0) are caught yet again in a strange hunt. This time it’s witchy, electrifying, and Sam’s got Thor’s hammer (again).

Challenge: Supernatural Canon Big Bang

Tags: spncanonbigbang
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