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Completed Projects

List of my illustrations I have done for various big / mini bangs or gift exchanges.

Supernatural Illustrations

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel Illustrations

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Other Fandom Illustrations

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Current Projects 2018

This is a list of my current projects I am working on.  It is helpful for me to have them listed in one place for reference.

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Title: Out of Nowhere
Author: amypond45
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean & Sam Pre-slash
Summary: A hundred years ago, in an alternate United States, monsters and humans have been at war as long as anyone can remember. John Winchester raises his sons in a world already overrun by the supernatural, in which humans are often on the defensive, pushed ever further west. Against this backdrop, Dean and foster-brother Sam grow up relatively carefree on a ranch near Lawrence, Kansas, protected and heavily warded, until the day Dean learns the truth about his mother, the mysterious hunter who abandoned her family when Dean was four. With his new knowledge, Dean figures out even better ways to protect his family and his home. But will it be enough?

Challenge: spn_j2_bigbang

Title: The Great Easter Hunt
Author: dragonflybeach
Artist: kuwlshadow
Recipient: backroadsspirit
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Anything that crawls out of the TV and creeps around your house needs to die, especially red eyed rabbits that cluck like chickens, even if your brother tries to tell you that you’re stoned on pain meds and hallucinating.

It's Not a Dream - DCJ Big Bang 2018

Title: It's Not a Dream
Author: Snarkysnartes
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Superantural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel/Jimmy
Summary: Twins, that’s what intrigued Dean the most about this case, Twin Vampires actually, that seemed just as interested in him than he was to them

Challenge: Dean/Castiel/Jimmy Big Bang


The Great Escape - Dean/Cas Pinefest 2018

Title: The Great Escape
Author: DeanEatsCake
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Superantural
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Summary: Dean and Cas hook up. After that, Dean does what he does best: he leaves, because there’s no way in hell he’s going to deal with - whatever this is. He even has an excuse - people are dying, and Jody needs his help.

It would be great if he wasn’t madly in love with Cas, Cas equally angry at him and the case - well, it’s all quite literally killing him.

Challenge: Dean Cas Pinefest


I don't visit LJ for a day or two and almost miss out.  o.O  Saw it in time though.  :)  I love these challenges.

Brit Psycho - BMOL Big Bang 2018

Title: Brit Psycho
Author: Indigoneutrino
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Standalone sequel to "Cardiology for the Damned". With Kelly Kline’s due date fast approaching, Dean reaches out to the demon doctor who aided him with the Mark of Cain for help. Unfortunately for him, Arthur Ketch gets to her first. Worse still for Ketch, he's woefully unprepared for what Dr Carter has in store.

Challenge: BMOL Big Bang

This Hunting Life - Saileen Big Bang 2018

Title: This Hunting Life
Author: Punk-is-notdead
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Eileen/Sam
Summary: Their lives should have been very different, but for Eileen Leahy and Sam Winchester, hunting is all they have ever known. They are thrown together on one case after another, and friendship, and maybe something more, starts to blossom between them.

When tragedy strikes, they are ripped apart - maybe for ever. Can anything be done to save them, or will Eileen be just another in a long list of women that Sam has lost?

Challenge: Saileen Big Bang

Title: Love, Bandaids & Dinosaurs
Author: Backrose_17
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernatural

Notes: This was created for the story that is being written by Backrose_17 and was due to be posted in December.  Unfortunately the day came and went.  Partially due to the fact I was on vacation and totally forgot about it. RL happens.  I worked hard on them not to be posted.  So here they are as I hate that they are just sitting on my hard drive and not viewed especially since there are dinasours in the illustration!!  lol. 




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