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Completed Projects

List of my illustrations I have done for various big / mini bangs or gift exchanges.

Supernatural Illustrations

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel Illustrations

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Other Fandom Illustrations

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Current Projects 2018

This is a list of my current projects I am working on.  It is helpful for me to have them listed in one place for reference.

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[reposted post] Gift for kuwlshadow

Title: Search And Rescue
Gifter: verucasalt123
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Castiel, Dean, Crowley
Word count/Medium: 4400
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: non-explicit sex, minor injury
Summary: When Dean goes missing in between cases, Castiel and Sam work with Crowley to find out what happened.

A/N: I went with your prompts of Sam/Cas, Crowley, and lost/kidnapped Dean. I hope you like it dear!



Projects 2017

Current Projects 2017

This is a list of my current projects I am working on.  It is helpful for me to have them listed in one place for reference.

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Big / Mini Bangs and Challenge List

Big / Mini Bangs and Challenge List

Here is a list of challenges including mini / big bang projects for the year 2017.  I find it to be a helpful guide for any author or artist interested in participating in challenges like these.

Updated: 11/15/17

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Title: Jurassic Leap
Gifter: kuwlshadow
Giftee: rockstarpeach
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Velociraptors
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Dean and Sam sent back in time to the prehistoric time periods of the dinosaurs.They come face to face to two velociraptors. How will they get out of this mess?
Notes: I hope you like your gift.  I went off the optional prompt of time travel.  Probably not what you had in mind but I had fun creating it for you.  :)  Happy holidays to you!!

Challenge: spn_j2_xmas



Find Me - SPN Reversebang 2017

Title: Find Me
Author: celestialraine
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: It was Cas who found him first: beaten, bleeding, and half dead. When it was Cas’ turn to ask Dean to find him, Dean takes up the challenge. But what if it’s too late?

Notes: I thank celestielraine for coming to my rescue as a pinch hitter.  The result is this awesome story.  Check it out!!!!!  Thanks!!!

Invasion - J2 Big Bang 2017

TItle: Invasion
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernaturl
Pairing: J2
Summary: It's an alien invasion.

Challenge: j2_reversebang



Title: Second Chance Kid
Author: gatorgurl94
Arist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Gen
Summary: Castiel rests a hand on John’s shoulder. “I can help you save yourself. Help you save your sons.”
John’s head snaps up, the mention of his boys bringing him back to the present.
“What the hell are you talking about?”
The man looks past John. His face shifts from concern to surprise. “But, for now, I think that perhaps you have a more immediate problem.”
John spares a glance backward to see a four year-old Dean sitting on the floor, rocking himself and sucking his thumb.

Notes: gatorgurl94 wrote this awesome story.  She claimed one of my illustrations in the past and just loved it.  I'm super excited that she chose to do so again.  Yay!  Thanks! 

Solitaire - J2 Reversebang 2017

Title: Solitaire
Author: iorhael_dreams
Artist: kuwlshadow
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Summary: Jensen thinks everything is in the past now. He can just forget it and move on. But the appearance of Jared in this city brings back memories. Not all of them are good ones. And Jensen would rather not have to go through them all over again.

Challenge: j2_reversebang




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