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Projects 2017

Current Projects 2017

This is a list of my current projects I am working on.  It is helpful for me to have them listed in one place for reference.

Dean Winchester Big Bang and now on LJ deanwbigbang
Three Strikes by author q_dicted  = Posting March 9th (Finished & Ready)

SPN Megabang - Posting starts July 1st

Art Drafts due: April 7th - 10th
Untiled by author darkheartinthesky
Untiled by author wearingdeantoprom

D013 - author hearts_n_roses
D014 - author kullerva

sammybigbang - Posting starts Feb 20th
M12 Hopeful Wanderer by author Deanie-weenie-sammy-whammy - Posting March 14th (Finished & Ready)
B2 Choices Seal Our Fate by author Enmuse - Posting March 15th

Castiel Big Bang - Posting starts April 3rd
If We Can't Find Where We Belong by author Cenedrariva  (Finished & Ready)
Untitled by author darkheartinthesky  (Finished & Ready)

debriel_mini - Posting starts March 15th
Tricksters Know Best by author aria_lerendeair   (Finished & Ready)

Untiled by lovepeaceohana

acespnbang - Posting starts May 14th
#15 untitled by Ayyysexual
#14 The Search for Paradise by HiddenViolet
#20 Broken World by Polleekin


14 - author amypond45



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Jan. 4th, 2017 02:56 am (UTC)
Good luck to you!
Jan. 6th, 2017 05:38 am (UTC)
Damn, good luck!!! ♥ I only have two things to do this year so far, not including the Snowflake!
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